2001 – A Case Modyssey

2001 – A Case Modyssey

I can still remember the first time I saw the movie when I was 11 years old.

It was on an old black and white antenna tv, the sound turned almost off so my parents wouldnt hear it as I wasnt supposed to be up that late, but it didnt matter… I was there, I was at Clavius Moonbase, I pulled HAL’s memory modules, I was the monkey that cracked the skull of the rival leader. This is the movie that got me hooked on SCIFI . Stanley Kubricks’s EPIC interpretation of the vastness of space, the 2 minute blackscreen intro, the special effects, the far reaching concepts, and good god … the books by Sir Arthur C Clark were even better!

Anyway, after the build of the USS EURISKO – Intrepid Mark II Class I got in contact with the Dutch Modder Nixjuh. We started talking about our passion for SCIFI on the SCIFI OCD group and he showed me some of his work. His artistic skills are off the charts and we soon started brainstorming on how we could use his drawing and sculpting skills on a tribute pc to one of our favorite movies.

Here’s what came out of those sessions :

3D model of the inside of the case

The shape of the Case resembles the Monolith TWA-1 from the movie. We could not keep the 1².2².3² dimensions without making the case huge or to thin for any hardware, so we ended up with a design that was 80cm high, 43 cm wide and 18 cm deep. In real life the monolith shape does come out a bit better then in this 3d render.

So what’s inside: (some of these are not confirmed yet)

BlackIce GT Extreme 560 Radiator 6 x 140 mm (4 for 560 rad and 2 for intake)

Motherboard AMD

watercooled AMD 1090T processor

2 x watercooled 580GTX in SLI mode

2 x SSD

Custom reservoir with picture of Arthur C Clark

Bitspower fittings

Aircooled RAM

1200 Watt PSU

The inside of the case has been designed to resemble the inside of the HAL9000 computer. The scene where Dave Bowman disconnects HAL’s memory modules and makes him sing a song as a means of a factory default is nothing short of brilliant. The frame will be made of Pine and MDF. We would have liked to use ALU but we dont have any means of working the metal. The visible inside of the case will be designed around a full cover plexiglass sheet covering most of the hardware (creating a closed well ventilated room) with numerous frosted red/white illuminated plexi memory modules and black/red shades to finish it off. The 580GTX ‘s will be covered by a plexi encasing resembling the HAL9000 interface.

The outside is where Nixjuh will show his considerable talent! Special engravings of 10 of the most impressive scenes from the movie will cover the clean and featureless black metal hood that will be placed over the internal frame. We have something special in mind for the on/off and reset buttons and side window but we cant tell too much about that yet. We can tell you that the casing will be put onto a rocky platform with several USB ports integrated into it and that “the dawn of man” is its main design criteria. We cant tell you how much fun we already have had designing and preparing for the build and hope that you’ll be as eager as we are to find out how the concept will evolve and grow.

Here’s an update on the work done so far !

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