USS EURISKO – MOD Marathon Day 4

Ok, Here is the update of day 4 of the MOD Marathon.

Instead of working on the exterior hull and deflector tunnel sections, I was working on something I felt was missing untill now.

The Impulse drives were just simple pieces of foam. This cannot be !

So started to work on some simple models to see what I wanted. This is the one I finally went for.

 This is just to get a sense of size and general feel .. But its already looking better I think !

 This is the final model. It looks a bit rough but I need to sand it down and fill in the cracks with the cellulose based filler.


 Again looking better I think !

 Here you can see the reason why I needed to build the models first. I needed to cut deeply into the wingsection to get the lighting installed. This is aluminium foil and 3 seperate layers of 5 mm frosted plexi to get a good glow.

 Here you can see the layered approach to the impulse drive.

 lighting test, the glow is ok considering this is lit by a led strip and not 2 single 8KMCD RGB leds (yes they will be constrolleable!)

 Final result! Still has some light leaks but those are easily fixed .

Until tomorrow!



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