USS EURISKO – MOD Marathon day 5

Day 5 into the MOD Marathon and I am starting to feel the strain.

Must have been working on the EURISKO for at least 39 hours the past days.

All good fun but I am getting Depron-itis and would love do something else then sticking foam to epoxy. So I did

Yesterday I worked on the right Impulse drive. Today I duplicated it to the left and created all the wiring and updated the circuit board to allow for the additional RGB leds. Will try to get a better picture tomorrow!

I finished the design of the lower saucer but cannot finalise it as the baseplate needs be fixated to the deflector tunnel to allow for certain curves to be finished with depron.

This is by the way the first attempt ( a very miserable one I agree) to paint the EURISKO for a contest a couple of months ago. It was abandoned for more reseasch as after 5 minutes I knew this was not going to fly …

Just a small thing. Finished the front of the EURISKO. The lower “missing” parts will be airbrushed to allow for some additional depth.

Also did tons of other small but necessary stuff !

So with just a day left to finish all the depron work its going to be close.

Got around 8 hours left before I go on holiday for 2 weeks.

Untill tomorrow !


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