USS EURISKO – Airbrush Update 1

Hi All,

The fact that the Cylon Resurrection NAS has been delayed by the rediculous prices if HDD’s and I have started another build – 2001 – A Case Modyssey, does not mean that the work on the EURISKO is halted.

I am currently venturing into the world of airbushing and here is the first update.

Because of the softness of the depron (I would definately go with Styrene next time) it needs a lot of fixing up before the final layers of paint can be shot with the airbrush pistol.

Seems are a real bitch as i cannot use normal putty as that has a chemical reaction with depron.

Also little bumps and dents are abundant as i have been building her for quite some time (again a lesson) I use woodglue to fill in the dents and then shoot another layer and fix her up again. Slow work!

But al least we are getting somewhere!


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