2001 – A Case Modyssey – Update 01.1

Ok so here goes !

First, we have changed the buidling material from MDF and PINE to Aluminium. And boy did that make a difference. I build a large part of the frame but the feeling it was to light creeped up on us and after doing some homework we decided to go for alu. This did ment having to invest in some tools but I AM SO HAPPY we did. What a material, I know I will probably never go back to MDF again (except when there’s a good reason)

Anyway , here is the MDF / PINE frame

The 3D design did come in handy now, easily got all the measurments from the design and was sent to the ALU vendor.

So what have we got? 12×12 mm square rod ..

And 2mm ALU plate ..  

First sized up one of the major defining elements, the massive BlackIce GT 560 Extreme !

It should fit with a couple of mm left after the rods have been placed, we will see !

I already have most of the hardware so a quick test fitting to see how she goes ..

Only had green and 120mm enermax fans , they will be exchanged for 140mm red’s !

One of the toughest things to do if finding the right locations for the fan holes and screws ..

Couple of hours filing and sanding later ..

Couple of hours later, man that aluminium works great !

And the final state for tonight, got a good day tomorrow also ! Will be traveling to Nixjuh (30KM) and work on the frame from there. He has got something very (VERY) cool to show !

And the monolith is born, Imagine all black alu and red enermax behind the rad … Could look cool I think !

Laters !

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