2001 – A Case Modyssey – Build Update 17-12

Hi All,

Here’s another build update!

But First I can announce a couple of sponsors !

Asus is going to help us with a Corsshair IV Formula motherboard

EKWB is gonna help us with the Full watercooling setup including motherboard, CPU, Ram and GTX580’s

My favorite webshop for watercooling supplies Highflow is gonnan pitch in also ! Thanks Freddy !

The best group on facebook for your SCIFI Obsessive Creation Disorder. We have over 50 Star Wars, Star Trek, BSG, Alien and other SCIFI Mods. Join us and share your SCIFI creations !!!

Ok Now to the build !!!

The Enermax fans have arrived !  140mm of Red eyecandy !

Fitted the whole rad and fans in the tight space designed for it. It fits upto the mm! 

 I need to extend the Fan cables to the fan controller, but I was expecting that !

 I am looking for a company that can laser me a sweet red plexi 560 fangrill with a design I made.

 Another major obstacle, I need to get the exact position of the fans drawn out correctly. This proved to be a time consuming exersize.

 Here are the chambers for the PSU (right) and the intake Fans (left)

 With the fan holes very roughly cut out, I decided to do a quick testfitting to see how they would look within the whole design.

The 2 x GTX 580’s have not been fitted with the EKWB blocks , hoping they will arrive soon !!!

 I used a temp motherboard for the fitting and a stack of books to resemble the reservoir !

The real motherboard will be sent ASAP by ASUS

 Get set, ready …. GO !!! Here’s to a couple of hours filing !

 Nom, Nom, Nom …. Enermax !!!

 A quick test if they all worked before I close up the Rad compartment !

 And here is the final status of today ! I need to put in more M4 screws to tighten it up but that’s for next time, now to grab a couple of beers !


 Oh yeah, I made this picture to show you how the plexiglas window will be placed. With the hood off, it will deliver a perfect look into the case !

 Until next time !


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