2001 – A Case Modyssey – Build Update 26-12-11

The 2001 – A Case Modyssey is made possible with the help from the following sponsors !

Asus is going to help us with a Corsshair IV Formula motherboard

EKWB is gonna help us with the Full watercooling setup including motherboard, CPU, Ram and GTX580’s

My favorite webshop for watercooling supplies Highflow is gonnan pitch in also ! Thanks Freddy !

The best group on facebook for your SCIFI Obsessive Creation Disorder. We have over 50 Star Wars, Star Trek, BSG, Alien and other SCIFI Mods. Join us and share your SCIFI creations !!!

Hi all,

First of all a very merry xmas and a happy new year to you and yours!

So after gaining conscience again after the first of a set of 3 billion calory dinners, I found some time to post this work!

The fitting between the rad and the fancover is designed to be very tight fit!

I have made the window frame. Did some mayor thinking to make sure the window wont stick out to much an this is what is has become. I made an internal window support onto wihich the plexi will rest. Then there will be  a 2 mm cover placed over it. By doing so I had to make sure the sides would be even and had to place thin strips of alu.

For a test fitting i used alu to show the cover I have designed. this will be made of black plexi to go with the black powdercoated alu.

Dont know if i did myself a favor here, the motherboard “space” is designed to fit upton the mm. Just hoping the Crosshair has the exact same size as my test board. (i do have 10 mm of cleareance by moving it to the left)

For a test with the plexi HAL memory modules I used some 10mm clear I had laying round.

It kinda looks ok, but it needs refinement. I think I will use 6 or 8 mm modules and they will be placed closer together.

Ok That was it for this update, untill soon !


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