2001 – A Case Modyssey – Interior Vinyl Design

Ok people here is the Interior Vinyl Design.

Just like the titel states we will be using black vinyl stickers over red UV reactive plexiglass to cover all but the most attractive parts of the hardware.

The plexi modules will be sticking out of the plexiglass like if they were disconnected but still illuminated.

The picture of Kubrick and Clark on the set of 2001 will be engraved into the clear plexiglass reservoir which will be filled with red UV coolant.

Here is the design with the HAL 9000 interface installed. The HAL 9000 interface will be made of 10mm thick plexiglass covering the GPU’s. They are watercooled so there will not be too much heat generated there and with the 140mm fan blowing alomost directly into the ventilation shafts at the connector side of the GPU’s we will have some airflow there.

Here we have it integrated into a picture of the case. There are several issues with this picture offcourse. The plexi cover plates will come too about half of the depth of the case.

In case your wondering, the red round elements in the vinyl are bitspower fillports adapted for passthrough. This is where the tubing will go through the plexi and alu.

The black square next to the reservoir with the picture is the EKWB top for the Laing 655 pump.

Ok and now we need your help! In the yellow circle there is a text that should describe what the underlying plexi modules do.

We couldnt think of a good text to put there. We had : Led Panel Illuminator, Lifesupport enabler, Coffeemaker so you see we’re running a bit low on idea’s there.

Let me know what you think should be there and we might just put it there !

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