2001 – A Case Modyssey – MOTM : Update 7-2-2012

Hi All,

So here is another update !

First of all we have been nominated for Mod-Of-The-Month at Bit-Tech.net !!

Vote here for your favorites !

Got the ordered stuff in from my favorite watercooling webshop  Highflow !

We got the AMD 1100T processor, the dominator RAM, some fesser UV red coolant, some UV red plexi, some UV red tubing some UV leds for testing, Another enermax 140 Apolish fan and the Laing MCP655 pump.

So I started making the cardboard template for the red UV plexi after I made the plexiglas frame for the HAL9000 interface. More on that will follow later in a seperate post.

I will use scrap pieces of aluminum to support the plexiglass.

Full cover plate will be made of 2 pieces of plexi. I cant place the plexi over the hardware if it was made of 1 piece. Will use the vinyl sticker to cover the connection point.

Placed the RAM and the CPU to see if the design still is ok

With some lighting !

So I have concluded the poll for the text on the vinyl sticker.

Sequence Initialiser it is.
Thanks to you all for voting !
There were some other nice ones that might find their way into the build at other points!

Thanks for watching !

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