2001 – A Case Modyssey – Build update V

Hi All,

Finally had some time to do some work. But first I got a awesome announcement!

Coolermaster has sent us a 1200W silent gold PSU! Thanks so much guys !

Here is a short update. Waiting for the plexi innerframe to arrive from the cutter, I decided to make the intake fan. This 140mm fan will blow fresh air directly into the ventilation slots of the GTX’s. This will help in keeping the temps down in the HAL 9000!

 Also cut the passthrough for the PSU cables. This hole will be under the plexi coverplate so it could be nice and large!

 Placed the 1200W coolermaster PSU and the plate that will devide the case intake and the psu intake.

 One small problem. The connector for the powerplug and the on/off switch were in the way. So had to void the warranty of the psu, cut the side out and rerouted the connectors to the other side of the psu.

 Replaced the side with a piece of mesh. Remember the connect the ground if you do this !

 Got a special design for the radgrill. 2 layers of special lasered UV red plexi! More about that soon!

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