A Band of Modders – CEBIT Journal !

Coolermaster drafted them into active duty …. This is their story !!!!

Kier – Richard Keirsgieter

ASPHIAX – Sander van der Velden

Nixjuh – Nick de Reuver

L3P – Peter Brands

The Hotel! We first were sent to the wrong one, for a moment there we thought we would have to sleep in the car !

Four modders, thousands of hours working and building computers and we cant get that bloddy cebit wifi working !!

Damn, so have to enter the register form every 60 minutes —>>> Frak that !

It says, Parke der Sinne! (Park of sin – now we know what those business people like here )

Asphiax admirering the quality of the builds …

Having a talk with tyhe people from Silverstone!

WOW , a whole system!

This one the prize for bst mod this year ! (No kidding …)

Systems without RAM, fans not connected or just some led strip crammed in there, it was totally underwhelming !!! (the hardware was good though)

Peter Brands !

Tiny Nixjuh !

First Snitzle of the day !

Finally some decent work !

Benches are hot !

Richard (kier) and his new best friend from Korea!

OCZ stand !

Asrock babes ..

FINALLY A REAL MOD !!! The TT L10 by Brian Carter aka Boddaker !

Thanks Coolermaster for getting us in here! This was where all the good stuff was located !

The L3p D3sk arrived a little late !

And off into Hannover for some food and drinks !

Say what about my sleeving ???? LOL

I am so happy the builds of Peter and Richard are more clean then their rooms !

And the score of day one !

Sanders Ride was standing ready for shuttleing between the halls .

Full immersive Datacenter Liquid cooling !

Easy slide in and ITS connected to the system !

Spaceman !!!

The compound was large !!

Parrot drone modded to be leathal without the side protector.

Now we are getting somewhere !

Only decent shot of the XFX hardware, our attention got pulled elsewhere …

Here we go !

Is that a GPU up your butt or are you just happy to see me ??
Well ladies, WE were certainly happy to see you !

Some of the more finer keyboards ..

Hey here is something cool! Its the new mouse by gigabyte. It comes with 2 battery packs which you can change out within seconds. One is always charging, the other your playing with.

Gigabyte’s new 3d bios. They have been working on it for over 2 years !

And for some (not gigabyte) the work was getting to  much for them !


Richards opponent from the movie was here too !

Well if it isnt the terminator himself ?

Termi … Who ? Got side tracked again …

We met up with the guys from the MDPC forum!

This was the runner up in the best mod of the show !

Hmmm Reeven , nice havent seen this brand before !

Factory LN2 pots ! Nice to have and looking good !

Found a little LN to test with also


OH MY GOD !!! Liquid cooling, I thought we would never see some !

ASPHIAX (sander) fell in love with this fan !

ISNT that … Yes it is ! NICE !

And finally a talk with the product manager from Supertalent !

And off home agian !

No Baby, I only spent 3000 euro this time !!

Kier came close !

And the final score ! l3p added a nice alu htpc enclosure to the mix!

Can you see it ?

Damn we was hungry and the line didnt seem to stop !

ASPHIAX daughter : Daddy can you make me fly with this ? – I probably can !

So we survived! It was fun, had a whole lot of laughs and saw some cool stuff !
Only we need to get some MODS in there next time !

ASPHIAX Signing out !

4 thoughts on “A Band of Modders – CEBIT Journal !”

  1. seems u guys had alot more fun then us 🙂 still big thanks for getting us into the reseller zone it made our day just that lil bit brighter ^^

    Greetz B0B0

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