Hello everyone, here is a teaser for my next build that will go live in 5 days !

With the Modyssey having a stroke of bad luck with logistics and lasercutted plexiglas arriving broken to pieces and with the biggest LAN Party of the BeNeLux approaching very quickly, I decided it was time to do a special build.

With Star Wars up in my all time favorite movies and the IMPERIAL AT-AT being one of my all time favorite models from the series, the idea had been circling my brain for quite some time. I asked around in the SCIFI OCD group if there was anyone who had access to a 2010 HASBRO IMPERIAL AT-AT that i could buy, but unfortunately noone had one and buying it from Amazon or Ebay was just crazy expensive.

Untill I got the email that changed my universe for ever. I could aquire a AT-AT for roughly the price of a Coolermaster Cosmos II, about half what I had to pay before.  A mini-ITX was soon scored after and the build could commence !

So what have we got ?

An IMPERIAL AT-AT, i7 2600k, Zotac Z68 Wifi-a, CPU GPU, Mosfet and NB/SB Waterblocks  Crucial SSD, 2 x 240 Radiator and a XSPC Pump. Around 250 pics, 30 minutes of rough video of the build that I need to edit and a whole list of small stuff I need to do in the last days.

Sounds good? Wait till you see it !

Sorry But for I cant say or show you anything more until Friday 6th of april 2012 at around 20.00 !

Untill then !









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