Cylon Resurrection NAS – Prep Work

Hi All,

I have started work on the Cylon Resurrection NAS ! Although my current build the EURISKO is not completed I cannot help my mind wondering to this build. So I have started working one evening a week on the CYLON Res-NAS.

Here is the full design :

I have adjusted the design a little to comply more with the original model from Battlestar. I am going to try to make the NAS as close to the original as possible (and how my skills allow me to get it) . This means that the design I made was to simple. (what am I getting myself into …)

Here is the new design.

The Cylon NAS now features a single row of 5 x double HDD’s tilted on their side. This is the red box.

The blue box are 40 mm fans to reduce the heat of the HDD’s. There will be a total of 5 fans (one fan for every 2 HDD’s) but this can easily be changed to 2 fans per 2 hdd’s.

The little grey box under the HDD’s  is allocated room for the cable management. This will be used to route the SATA and (probably) ElectroLuminecense (EL) wire.

The idea now is to light up from the inside every “pod” with the EL wire that will be visible through the ventilation slots in the pods.

Here is the first model I build a couple of months ago, just to get a feel for the model.

Now I have moved on to a more permanent model. Still just to try out different sizes and angles. There is no physical model to build or order somewhere online so I just have to do with artist renderings and people that build 3D models.

So here goes.

The Pod, there will be 16 of these in the model.

The POD with the HDD’s box. The final model will be much longer, again this is just for trying out !

Different slide-on frames, so i can test out different angles on the pod.

Also tried out a version that had the angles directly into the foam. I am going to stick to the other method and adding styropren sides.

The edges are much more clean comparing the 2 methods.

That was it for now, will tune in sometime next week with another update!


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