ASPHIAX Commisions

Hi there, you have found the home of ASPHIAX and his SCIFI OCD (Obsessive Creation Disorder)

In this section of my website I will show you some of the different tools, materials and methods I can work with to realise your designs. These designs can be realised with

*laser cut and/or engrave plastics
* laser cut and/or engrave aluminum

*3D printing in either plastics or metals*
*3D design and develop services

*CNC submm design and development

But first some impressions :





So here is the deal :

I can make practically anything from UV reactive, Clear or Coloured Acrylic, plastics and Aluminum in my workshop. I have specific tools like

Thermofold device for accurately bending Acrylic and other Plastics

thermoplooi  1

Computer Controlled router (CNC) for sub millimeter accurate cutout and engraving work AND 3D sculpting (3 axis only)
220V-CNC-3040T-DJ-upgrade-fom-CNC-3040-3040T-Router-Engraver-Milling-Drilling-Cutting-Machine 774275_436449166420698_980376256_o

487143_436514089747539_2100111241_n 379220_436535679745380_2037613156_n

And Several other machines to accurately cut, shape and drill plastics, foam, mdf and Aluminum


Here is how to request custom design and fabrication work :

Send me an email with your request, idea’s or designs for custom work or a brainstorm !



Best regards

Sander aka ASPHIAX

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