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IMPERIAL AT-AT – Daily Teaser !!

Yesterday was a very good and VERY bad day. Installed the remote controlled Main weapons of the AT-AT and found out I may have shorted my CPU also. With 36 hours remaining before the show, its pretty stressfull …

This is just a small section of all the cables and tubing I had to route through the legs!

IMPERIAL AT-AT – Daily Teaser !

Hi everyone!

Major catastrophe yesterday! The mobo shorted due to some liquid trapped inside a connector!

Found a new mobo, 60 miles from my house, so roadtrip today! So hoping its just the mobo that shorted and not everything else too!

Anyway, here is the teaser for today!

Got a little help with the wiring !

Got 3 days left to replace the mobo and restore everything back to order, and hopefully do some of the last little jobs.

Until tomorrow !




Hello everyone, here is a teaser for my next build that will go live in 5 days !

With the Modyssey having a stroke of bad luck with logistics and lasercutted plexiglas arriving broken to pieces and with the biggest LAN Party of the BeNeLux approaching very quickly, I decided it was time to do a special build.

With Star Wars up in my all time favorite movies and the IMPERIAL AT-AT being one of my all time favorite models from the series, the idea had been circling my brain for quite some time. I asked around in the SCIFI OCD group if there was anyone who had access to a 2010 HASBRO IMPERIAL AT-AT that i could buy, but unfortunately noone had one and buying it from Amazon or Ebay was just crazy expensive.

Untill I got the email that changed my universe for ever. I could aquire a AT-AT for roughly the price of a Coolermaster Cosmos II, about half what I had to pay before.  A mini-ITX was soon scored after and the build could commence !

So what have we got ?

An IMPERIAL AT-AT, i7 2600k, Zotac Z68 Wifi-a, CPU GPU, Mosfet and NB/SB Waterblocks  Crucial SSD, 2 x 240 Radiator and a XSPC Pump. Around 250 pics, 30 minutes of rough video of the build that I need to edit and a whole list of small stuff I need to do in the last days.

Sounds good? Wait till you see it !

Sorry But for I cant say or show you anything more until Friday 6th of april 2012 at around 20.00 !

Untill then !