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IZE’s Atlantis – Update 1

Here is a update !

I decided to segment the model for calculating the amount of RGB leds and the needed drivers to run them.

This is for the side lighting of the base

I will be working with the MAX7219 and RGB leds

Why the MAX7219

– 8 leds per segment, individually turned on and off and per segment dimming with 16 settings

– all the towers, ribs and sup’s are divided logically to make symmetrical shapes and colours. So 1 full colour per tower or rib or something like that.

– I have 20 of them lying around

– 1 colour per MAX

Here are some specs of the lamp

– total of 110 RGB leds (330 leds in total)

– 4 MAX for every colour (total of 12 max needed)

– at 20 mA per led, total of 10,2 amps at 5V

These are the specs of the leds that I got from a friend.

They are waterclear and olnly 25-30 degrees.

maybe better sourcing some new ones!

Here is the circuit layout for the first 3 MAX7219’s

maybe not the best way to draw the circuit but this is a first for me so I’m still learning

Got the base circuit with 3 MAX7219 working

So we got the arduino here with 3x MAX7219 attached. Every MAX is a different colour and I have made a basic sketch with functions for the set brightness cycle. So no POV with duty cycles, first start at the beginning and then expand !

I used 3 seperate leds for RGB and it still works ok with some paper tubing around it. This is the largest diameter tubing that will be placed on the Atlantis model

Here is a short vid of the effect. (please note with 16 brightness settings there is no fluent transition between the colours. this is definately and earea of improvement.

Baby steps …