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USS EURISKO – MOD Marathon day 5

Day 5 into the MOD Marathon and I am starting to feel the strain.

Must have been working on the EURISKO for at least 39 hours the past days.

All good fun but I am getting Depron-itis and would love do something else then sticking foam to epoxy. So I did

Yesterday I worked on the right Impulse drive. Today I duplicated it to the left and created all the wiring and updated the circuit board to allow for the additional RGB leds. Will try to get a better picture tomorrow!

I finished the design of the lower saucer but cannot finalise it as the baseplate needs be fixated to the deflector tunnel to allow for certain curves to be finished with depron.

This is by the way the first attempt ( a very miserable one I agree) to paint the EURISKO for a contest a couple of months ago. It was abandoned for more reseasch as after 5 minutes I knew this was not going to fly …

Just a small thing. Finished the front of the EURISKO. The lower “missing” parts will be airbrushed to allow for some additional depth.

Also did tons of other small but necessary stuff !

So with just a day left to finish all the depron work its going to be close.

Got around 8 hours left before I go on holiday for 2 weeks.

Untill tomorrow !


USS EURISKO – MOD Marathon Day 4

Ok, Here is the update of day 4 of the MOD Marathon.

Instead of working on the exterior hull and deflector tunnel sections, I was working on something I felt was missing untill now.

The Impulse drives were just simple pieces of foam. This cannot be !

So started to work on some simple models to see what I wanted. This is the one I finally went for.

 This is just to get a sense of size and general feel .. But its already looking better I think !

 This is the final model. It looks a bit rough but I need to sand it down and fill in the cracks with the cellulose based filler.


 Again looking better I think !

 Here you can see the reason why I needed to build the models first. I needed to cut deeply into the wingsection to get the lighting installed. This is aluminium foil and 3 seperate layers of 5 mm frosted plexi to get a good glow.

 Here you can see the layered approach to the impulse drive.

 lighting test, the glow is ok considering this is lit by a led strip and not 2 single 8KMCD RGB leds (yes they will be constrolleable!)

 Final result! Still has some light leaks but those are easily fixed .

Until tomorrow!



USS EURISKO – MOD Marathon Day 3

Ever had one of those days that you work your ass off and it just doesnt look like your going forward?

Well It was one of those days …

Did tons of work getting the sides symmetrical (not a small task)

Finally the whole design of the tail gets worked out !

Short update today , as there is really not much to see …

Untill tomorrow !



USS EURISKO – MOD Marathon Day 1

Ok, Here is the update on day one of the MOD marathon

Current state :

Put a powertool next to it to give a better idea of the size!

The Wing section needs some serious work!

The bottom saucer section needs some love too !

Need to finish some last details.

See the little wooden blocks, those will be made into a slide-in frame that can be mounted when there’s need for warp speed.

I also want to install all the bottom fans for the push/pull setup

A mountain of depron …

The nose and aft section of the necalle can be removed if i ever need to get to the BITSPOWER fittings.

Jump ahead, second nacelle encapsulated!

That was it for day one , stay tuned for the upcoming 5 days of the marathon !


USS EURISKO – Intrepid Mark II Class – Dedication Plaque

Hi everyone,

Here is the dedication plaque for the USS EURISKO.

It was created out of all the names of the people who supported the EURISKO during the build.

This one is for you !

(highres pictures will follow shortly)

If you would like a copy (A4 format and landscape not A3 portrait like above) please subscribe to the blog and leave your Screen name and those of your friends that need to be on the plaque and watch your inbox for the update with the payment details. The costs are 12 euro including shipment in the Netherlands, please ask for international shipment details.

Please note , I dont make anything on these plaques! This is a thank you for the support !