Compulsive Creation Disorder – Artists

Hi all ! I have started the SCIFI OCD – Obsessive Creation Disorder  group on facebook.

Up to today we have albums on 5 Star wars mods, 3 Star Trek mods, Aliens, Battlestar galactica, Stargate Atlantis, Biohazard mods and more like Origami Yoda’s and Spocks and Deathstars blowing up pumpkins but also howto’s on engraving your own stormtrooper into a case or what to do when you think you have been obducted by scouts of the silicon lifeform of the planet of keiyou !

So for your daily fix of the old SCIFI medicine or just a good laugh join us and share whatever SCIFI eyecandy you come across !


Here you can find a collection of links, images and work from other Scifi inspired people from around the world.

I am most proudly introducing new artists as they arrive or as I find them !

First some images from Australia where artist BlueSmurf  has been building one of the most impressive PC builds I have ever seen. Unfortunately has not been completed (as far as I know) Check this out :

Is … That …. Aluminium ??????? OMG !!!! 


Last entry was in 2009, I SERIOUSLY hope he has found the energy to continue !

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