Future Builds and Concepts

Here I will discuss and plan my new projects and the concepts behind them.

There is no guarantee that the stuff will actually get build but its more of a repository for my braindumps !

The CYLON Resurrection NAS – Probability to build : Busy with the Foam Model Prep work

Featuring 16 HDD’s , 110 cm long and 34 cm high!

The AUDI Calamaro : Probability to build: Medium

Already have an Audi grill. Scored this on a fair for 5 Euro ! Its gonna need mayor work in reducing the size but hey, that’s the challenge right.


The Cylon : Probability to build : LOW

Watercooled Deep Space 9: Probability to build : MEDIUM

Modelmaking – City of the Ancients : Probability to build : HIGH !

One thought on “Future Builds and Concepts”

  1. hey i am making a modle of atlnatis in minecraft if you could send me your model so i can make it in survival minecraft that would be great

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