Cylon Resurrection NAS

The main idea is to build the Battlestar Galactica Resurrection Ship model and make it house a full featured high spec  NAS.

Total length : 110 cm

Total hight : 35 cm

Total width : 25 cm


 The “Ribs” will be made out of custom made cnc or laser cut 5mm clear plexiglass with frosted sides making them glow. The area’s where the plexiglass touches the main body will also be frosted making it glow. The top side of the main body will be fitted with a 5 cm wide 80 cm long special engraving making it glow. The whole ship will be fitted with custom made lightning arrangements with around 200 leds all managed by a software controlled PCB board making new variations and arrangements possible.



Above is the 3D model of the ship I have made in Rhino 3D to make sure all the dimensions of the HDD’s etc  will fit. It is capable of housing 16 x 3.5 HDD’s

Above is the area’s of where the mobo will fit. It is capable of housing a mini ITX board with its 17×17 cm dimensions. The power supply will be fitted either in the aft section of the ship together with the mobo or in the stand that will support the model about 15 cm of the desk.


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