IZE’s Atlantis

Hallo everybody,

I am ASPHIAX and I have been building scratch build custom PC’s. I have just build a nice spaceship pc and to put some extra bling into it , i decided to readup on electronics and microprocessing. I do have a electrical background but that ended at screwing in a lightbulb at school.

Once I started with the Arduino microprocessing platform that world has been expanding exponentially. What a treat, all the things I can build with this thing …. AMAZING !

Ever since my daughter saw all the leds lasers and lights of the EURISKO, she cant take her hands of it. Unfortunately ! so with her 1 year birthday coming up I decided to build her a “touchy-feely’ RGB lamp. And in good tradition with my scifi addiction i could not resist to build it in the shape of one of the mots beautifull models I know.

The Stargate Atlantis – City of the Ancients Spaceship.

Some design criteria :

leds have to change fireing pattern if she touches the lamp (capacitive touch sensors)

Up and down fading if she touches the lamp longer

leds in frosted plexiglas tubes

RGB leds to keep it simple (NOT)

Must be able to stand on her desk but later be fixed to the wall or ceiling

Must be prepped for remote control

No pressure  …

Already made the initial design from paper, It doesnt even compare in the level of detail with the real city, but its the best I can do for now !

The plexi glas tubes are 20, 38, 50 en 70mm in diameter and frosted. The base is 52 cm wide and its ~30cm high.

I want to put ~100RGB leds into it that will be driven by a chain of MAX7219 or TLC5940.

I am still looking for a touch sensor that I can extend with an electrode to make all the tubes act as switches to cycle through the led functions and fade.

Let me know your thoughts !





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