USS EURISKO – Intrepid Mark II Class

Hello Everyone,

Allow me to introduce myself shortly. My name is ASPHIAX and I live in Boxtel (Netherlands). Just turned 33 and have been occupied with computers from the age of 17. (making noise – dont have another word for it – with fasttracker and fruitloops :rock:)
Started out wayback with an MSX and Commodore 64 and lately ventured into watercooling and have been HOOKED ON IT EVER SINCE!!!
What do i do when i am not thinking about modding: I am a business consultant at Belgacom  and am designing VoIP and Unified Communications networks for the enterprise customers.

It all started about 3 months ago. After extensive reading on the fora (this one being a favorite!) I started out with my first watercooling project.  A Dragonlord K62 with an XSPC 750H2O kit, couple of fans and an additional radiator. All good fun but it soon wasnt enough any more and i found myself cutting into my case with power tools and bending plexiglas with my wife’s hairdryer. (which actually doesnt work, lol) I can post some pics of it, just a nice complete pc.

I needed something bigger … One night i was cruising the web looking for something fun to build when the scifi channel caught my attention. It was the start tune of Star Trek Voyager ! The same second i was thrown 15 years back into time and saw myself (after a intense night of clubbing, still buzzing of the dutch national product) watching Star Trek.
Knew it in a heart beat :clap:

So here it is : the USS Eurisko , Intrepid Mark II Class

Technical Data :
Class: Intrepid Mark II
Type: Scientific exploration, general bad-ass
Crew: 141
Length: 344 meter
Hight: 66 meter
Width: 133 meter
Decks: 15
Holodecks: 2
Mass: 702.000 metrische ton
Max Speed: warp 9.975
Sustained Max Warp: Warp 9.985, 1 hour.
Cruisingspeed: warp 8
Cargo Holds: 4
Shuttle Platforms: 1
Armament: 8 Type X Phaser arrays,
4 Photon Torpedo Launchers (Stock 150)

After some serious digging on the web i found these designs. I just cant give enough credit to whoever made them (partly because i dont know :eyebrow:) but: MAN isnt she pretty …
I always found the original design form the serie a little to toy-like with all the markings and windows. This isnt! This is Rough, Industrial, Bad-ass!

Voyager-Angry — Must kill Borg !!!

Man I’m itching to start this build …

Let me try to explain what i want to do.
I will be building the frame out of MDF. Easy to manipulate and cheap. Was thinking of building it out of plexiglas but that is going to be way expensive and a good thermofolding device (sorry dont know the english word for it) is also expensive and hard to find a second hand one.
Wood is better for now.

I will mount my current Q6600 CPU, Gigabyte EP45 MoBo and Platinum XTC 1066 RAM on top of the baseplate (see pics for more clarification)

2 HDD’s will be mounted in the nose section and to supply the airflow for the mobo and the hdd’s, the top and bottom sections of the saucer (where the blue dots are) will be drilled and covered with a hex mesh. A (or more) Blue CCFL’s will supply a blue-ish glow making the whole looking more agressive, like the led strips over the headlights of the new AUDI’s.

The main deflector dish will be supplied with a 12 or 14 CM blue led fan immediately followed by the PSU. Behind the PSU a 240 RAD (rather a 360 but that is dependant on the available space) blowing the warm air directly out of the ship by means of fanholes with hex mesh

I am going to try to follow the designs as closely as possible and the “Dilithium Cooling Intake Manifolds” (blue dotted drilled holes in top and bottom) and the “Main Deflector Aft Target Array” (fanholes for the 360 radiator) will hopefully be the only big deviations.

I dont have a planned location for the pump, so that’s “Pending Starfleet Approval”

The warp nacelles will be fitted with custom reservoirs with blue coolant. I am currently working with one of my potential sponsors for the res’s.
The whole Pylons (including the warp nacelles) will be fitted with small electromotors that will be capable of making the ship warp ready (even though the Ablative armor would probably not allow it in the “real” world) But that is future work. Gotta leave some challenges right …

As this is a Mid-Ship MotherBoard setup (heard that one before?), all the internal connections like VGA, HDMI, GB-Lan, Audio, USB ports will have to be extended to possibly the backside of the ship. I want it to be as clean as possible with absolutely no cables over the hull.

The top “canope” must be able to be removed easily to get to the internal harware setup for easy reconfig or placing new gfx cards.

When the frame is ready it is meant to be covered with a thick layer of foam. That needs to be sanded as per original design and i am going to engrave the armor plating. (looking forward to that job , NOT!)
The whole thing is going to be airbrushed with the help of a good friend and per original design colour scheme.

Well i wanted something bigger and this is a big as it is going to get. With a dimensions of 154cm (L) 60 cm (W) and 35 CM(H) it really is as big as its going to get!

This will keep me busy for quite some time!

I already did some work, here are the first updates,

Later !


With pride I can announce my first sponsors! These are :

Brink of Modding eill be making the 2 custom coolant reservoirs for the EURISKO Warp Nacelles.

Also I am proud to announce my second sponsor! This is :

Gigabyte has fitted the EURISKO with a beautifull motherboard, the P67A-UD7!

And here is my third sponsor! This is:

Highflow is the premiere dutch watercooling supplier and will help me keep the EURISKO as cool as possible and thus make us breach the WARP 10 barriere!

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