Yazi – Venator – General Progress Updates







Now on the printer ..

Now on the printer

Nothing said ..




The final LOOP has been found LOOPZ

Inside the case I will be mounting several 3d printed PETG coolant tube guiders and supports, VGA and I/O space and some decoration.
You know when you have spent to much time in 3D when you start sketching it only also.Think 3D

Only 300 left to solder Sander … pfew …Only 300 left to solder


Here is the result of the 3rd greeble session. This is one of the backwalls of the YAZI. I think the TAZ5 has really outperformed itself on this one …





Cooling down the result of greeble session 3

result 2nd greeble session

Greeble sessions 1 and 2 next to each other



My workstation

Yazi greeble 002

You know whats the good thing about 3D printing?

There’s always something sweet waiting for you when you wake up ..
Miniature test print exterior hull

Funny little print, just scaled the toplayer down a bit to much.
Thats why its called a test print lol



Now on the printer ..

Miniature (20% or original) exterior hull

general Progress 01



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Future Builds and Concepts – No particular order



The Ultimate Build : Deep Space 9 Space Station
1.6 meters wide, 2 meters high, 28 radiators, 3 pumps , etc etc

Early Render 01

Rebuild of the BORG COSMOS That got stolen from me



The Event Horizon, maybe just a model but its going to get built someday …



The reimagined Battlestar Galactica


A rebuild of the USS EURISKO but now with ALL the details I wanted in the first place !



The Turntablism EPX – My ode to the DiskJockey and experimentation with non traditional materials like Vinyl.



The ALIAN-LI, got all the parts, just had my tools taken from me ..


And Last but NOT Least, the Cylon Resurrection NAS, but then with SSD storage !




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