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Turntablism EP-X – Conceptual 3D work

Hi all,

I have been asked by a DJ friend to design his HTPC. The only design principle he has was: “Use real vinyl”

So I started out working the Conceptual Phase of the work named: Turntablism EP-X.

EP stands for the records used and produced by DJ’s and producers, The X stands for the alternative use of the vinyl material.

Turntablism may become a series of concept work focussed on DJ-ing and Producing.

I used to DJ some aswell (I did it for around 12 years, from 14 to 26 years) in the early hardcore period. Producing brought me a gig in paris for 1300 people (ONCE!!!)

Wasnt really good at DJ-ing technically but I sure could get a crowd moving as I always told a story with my mix. Started slow and ending over 200 BPM’s !!!

Anyway, here is the concept phase work, Its still being tweaked but I wanted to share it anyway !

Let me know what you think !

And here is a render video to give you a better understanding of what’s involved !

Turntablism EP-X