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The YAZI – Venator Class Star Destroyer has won the MSI PROMOD Season 3 Competition

Never ever give up! Face what life throws at you, find something that you truly love doing and you will enjoy the fruits of your dedication. A big thanks goes … Continue reading

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Little something to accompany the YAZI

Only 34 hours of print time left before my flight to Vegas. Cutting it close … As usual lol

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YAZI – Venator Enhancements

A build like this is never truly done. Knowing this fact,  all the detailing parts have been designed to be easily replaced. The Yazi frame is rock solid but the … Continue reading

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YAZI Venator – Just some shots ..

  Me working my butt off finishing the YAZI Awesome Greeble Shot by Robin  Nice shot of the Aluminum Alloy / Stainless Steel Stand Its easy to forget how big … Continue reading

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Taking in new orders for 2016

Well its about that time again. After the successfull build of the YAZI Venator for the MSI PRO MOD S3, I will be taking in new commission based builds and … Continue reading

December 21, 2015 · 4 Comments

Yazi Venator – The Big Finale part 2

So here is part II I managed to get the hull painted two hours before the scheduled pickup for the CES. Quick dry before the next layer. The weather was … Continue reading

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Yazi – Venator – The BIG Finale part 1

“YAZI” – Venator Class Star Destroyer       The BIG finale part 1 Ok so here is the big finale (wel part 1 of it at least) Due to … Continue reading

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Yazi Venator – First Light / Lightning

    First Light .. Lightning !  

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Yazi – Venator – General Progress Updates

      Now on the printer .. Nothing said ..   The final LOOP has been found  Inside the case I will be mounting several 3d printed PETG coolant … Continue reading

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Yazi – Venator – Aluminum Body Update


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A word of thanks to my SPONSORS


A word of thanks to my SPONSORS

A word of thanks to my SPONSORS

A word of thanks to my SPONSORS