Yazi – Venator – The BIG Finale part 1

“YAZI” – Venator Class Star Destroyer       The BIG finale part 1

Ok so here is the big finale (wel part 1 of it at least)
Due to the fact that MSI asked if they could showcase the YAZI at the International CES 2016 in Las Vegas the whole time table changed.
I am very strict op planning, its the only way to get stuff done fast, but this was ridiculous. The call came in about a week before the cutting of the aluminum, hence the reason why Pascal and I worked untill 3 am to get it sorted.
I proved not to be the last day I was up untill late !
Here we go:
Started with the always nice smelling epoxy work on the tower

1 Yazi venator glue tower

Then it was off to paint, got myself a nice anthracit paint. The pcitures dont do it justice, its darker and less brown.

2 yazi venator paint tower

Quick test fitting

3 yazi venator test fitting

And finally the last of the about 300 holes!

4 Yazi venator last of the fiber holes

With the holes done, it was time for the greeble basecoat.
The detail just popps out with this coat.

5 Yazi Venator paint greeble

And a quick test fitting, sure looks good in aluminum

6 yazi venator made the stand

But thats not the plan. So gave it a healthy coat

7 basecoat the hull

And then a good black matte paintjob

8 Yazi Venator finish matte black

With the black coat on I could finally start to epoxy the greebles onto the side hull

9 started epoxying the greebles

Meanwhile : That was the first box of 8 kg PLA, onto the next one!

10 Well thats the first 8kg of PLA, on to the next 6kg #DutchFilaments

decision time, should i paint the greebles also in the anthracit coat?

11 Yazi Venator anthracit or grey coating

So happy with the anthracit, it really has excellent licht action properties

12 Yazi Venator Enthracit it as it has good light action

I love doing test sessions lol

13 Yazi Venator quick test fitting

Houston we have a problem! That was the last of the 50 meters of fiberoptic cabling …

14 yazi venator houston we have a problem

Waiting for the fiber, I put myself to the next design challenge the motherboard tray and I/O backwall.

15 yazi venator design challenge for today

I just love waking up to fresh new custom parts

16 yazi venator love waking up to new fresh custom parts

Ahh the joys of fiberoptic cabling. It wants to go in any way but the way you want it ..

17 yazi venator the joys of fiberoptic cabling

But … the force is strong …

18 yazi venator made it

Poor mans glue clamp, well actually you can buy a lot of clamps for this excellent 1200 watt powerhouse by Thermaltake!

18a yazi venator glueing the headpieces

Also installed the rest of the lighting for the tower.

19 Yazi Venator now the last of the lighting for the tower

Someone asked my what happened to my old build the USS EURISKO.
Well its standing next to my work pc acting as a side table lol


This looks just too cool not to share

21 yazi venator awesome effect22 yazi venator awesome effect2

Working 12 to 16 hours a day takes it toll ..

23 YAZI venator I was so tired

Installed the fans back into their housing. These are the original fans for the build 2 years ago. Try finding a decent 92mm fan these days …

24 yazi venator added the fans

I discovered a neat trick while glueing the 3D printed PLA. You can cut into just one or 2 of the layers and bend it precisely

25 yazi venator nice trick with PLA skin

Me working the very last of the fibers, will be glad when this part is over ..

26 yazi venator asphiax working the fibers

The hull needed a little old fashioned styrene love

27 yazi venator hull needed some old fashioned styrene love

I wish I still had my workshop, space runs out quick with my builds!

28 yazi venator I wish I still had my workshop

Me working the epoxy ..

30 yazi venator asphiax working the hull.

Darth practising his one-liners ..

31 yazi venator vader practising his speeching

And there you have it, the reult of the small ModMarathon …

Post Project Carnage ..

32 yazi venator post project carnage33 yazi venator post project carnage 2

And that was it for part 1 , stay tuned for part 2 and 3!

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