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2001 – A Case Modysey – Monkey Business Update

So here we are with another update!

We wanted to keep a little surprise, instead of give all away in the first post.

The monolith will be standing on a baseplate. On that plate, in the place where we put the “censored” in the picture we will put an ape.

First of all, I see you think….. an ape?!?  Remember the sequence in which the ape gets evolved by touching the monolith? The idea behind the monkey and the tear in the monolith comes from the human nature to break the things we don’t understand. Kubrick and Clark pictured Dave Bowman as our ambassador in the alien world, but what if we actually managed to break the thing…..??
Asphiax found this awesome picture online, and we just had to use it in some way.

 In one hand he will be holding a stone tool (which will function as the power button of the pc) and in the other he holds a broken bone.

To start building the model, which I made in clay. We bought a wireframe and shaped it.

Then I put lumps of clay on it to get the basic shape. This was the first time I worked with clay, and at this point I really thought “what have I got myself into?”

But after a few hours of work it started to take shape like I wanted.

Then I made the hands and the upper body.

And put on the head.

This is where the wire to the mainbord goes.


So here is the final model, it only needs painting to be done, before we can place it on the baseplate.

And today I went to the store to buy some tools to get started on the engravings! Don’t really know what to use yet, so I bought some engraving tools for the Dremel multitool, but I also bought a special engravings machine. So this weekend we will start working on that!

Until the next update!