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Future Builds and Concepts – No particular order



The Ultimate Build : Deep Space 9 Space Station
1.6 meters wide, 2 meters high, 28 radiators, 3 pumps , etc etc

Early Render 01

Rebuild of the BORG COSMOS That got stolen from me



The Event Horizon, maybe just a model but its going to get built someday …



The reimagined Battlestar Galactica


A rebuild of the USS EURISKO but now with ALL the details I wanted in the first place !



The Turntablism EPX – My ode to the DiskJockey and experimentation with non traditional materials like Vinyl.



The ALIAN-LI, got all the parts, just had my tools taken from me ..


And Last but NOT Least, the Cylon Resurrection NAS, but then with SSD storage !




USS EURISKO – Intrepid Mark II Class – Nominated for Mod-Of-The-Year !!!

Hello crew!

It been some time since your captain has adressed you but we have a special announcement to make !

The USS EURISKO – Interpid Mark II Class has been nominated for the Mod-Of-The-Year award on Bit-Tech!

Just wanted to thank you for your support and for driving  me to keep working with comments and replies !

Couldnt have done it without you !

Captain out !


Ps Dont forget to vote for your favorite builds : here

USS EURISKO – Airbrush Update 1

Hi All,

The fact that the Cylon Resurrection NAS has been delayed by the rediculous prices if HDD’s and I have started another build – 2001 – A Case Modyssey, does not mean that the work on the EURISKO is halted.

I am currently venturing into the world of airbushing and here is the first update.

Because of the softness of the depron (I would definately go with Styrene next time) it needs a lot of fixing up before the final layers of paint can be shot with the airbrush pistol.

Seems are a real bitch as i cannot use normal putty as that has a chemical reaction with depron.

Also little bumps and dents are abundant as i have been building her for quite some time (again a lesson) I use woodglue to fill in the dents and then shoot another layer and fix her up again. Slow work!

But al least we are getting somewhere!


USS EURISKO – Dedication Plaque Final version !

Hi All,

I am glad I can finally announce the correct A4 plaque has arrived. I received a new designa and I managed to send the correct one to the printer. We have arrived at a crew of 198 members! This makes me SO very proud!

(click on the picture to get the High resolution one) 

Ok here is me trying to be smart ! I thought of a little contest !

To make all the departments have the same numbers of starfleet personnel, I came one short.

Here’s what I did, I took a name of a very wellknown Star Trek person, figure, modelmaker, etc and hussled it up to make an anagram. That person is somewhere on this list. I wont tell you who it is or where the name is located but if you find him (oops …) You can win one of the last plaques. No matter where you are in the SOL Sector, send me the correct answer and my personal HAL9000 computer picks your name of the people that guessed righht, I’ll send it to your house !

So here’s the smart part:

To pass me the answer go onto facebook and look up the SCIFI OCD – Obsessive Creation Disorder  group, click join to become a member and send me the answer in a message !

Is this me using dirty tricks and bribery to get you to join my group ? >>> HELL YEAH !!

(but if you can guess the answer, you definately belong there, lol)

For peeps that dont have facebook (or FacePuke as I heard the other day) click sign me up  on my blog and leave me a message.

The contest ends at the 14th of november 1200 CET !


USS EURISKO – Dedication Plaque

Oh, Oh, your captain has made a booboo …

Yesterday I drove 225 km (130 miles) to pickup the dedication plaques to discover that I should have payed more attention to my vulcan logic classes.

The A3 and A4 designs

During my vacation in Portugal I was getting restless with the time it took to get the Dedication Plaque’s ready for you, my most treasured crew, that in my haste I have sent the wrong design to the printer.

Due to the size limitations we had to add a new departement called Astrophysics and shuffle the names around. During this shuffeling some names were made duplicate and we corrected them. I have sent the non-corrected version to the printer. DOH …..

So here’s what I can do !

The A3 is exactly the same as the original design. This one costs 20 euro incl postage in NL. I have 4 of them!

The A4 is the adjusted version. This one costs 12 euro incl postage in NL and I have 8 of them. If you can look past the duplicates and order the A4 I will include this small logo I also had printed.

If you want I can send the corrected design to the printer and get the A4 version as it was intended to be, but this will take some more time (2 weeks or so)

I am so terribly sorry about this ! Completely my screw-up and I can understand if you dont want it anymore.

So let me know which one you want , if you still want it, or let me know and I will get some new A4 versions and use the old ones as mod material in a future build.

ASPHIAX Signing out …


How to order :

Send me an email: telling me which one you want (the A3, the Old A4 or the NewA4)

Please include your adress details (including country) and how you wish to pay, I will send you an email with the account details and postage costs (outside NL only)

You can pay through paypal or bank transfer and I will send you the plaque.