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Taking in new orders for 2016

stars-and-planets-photo-img331-JPG20151202_083748[1]Yazi 002

Well its about that time again.

After the successfull build of the YAZI Venator for the MSI PRO MOD S3, I will be taking in new commission based builds and projects for 2016

Want to have a studioscale model or computer like the YAZI or have your own specific object you want to have constructed using lasercutting, cnc machining or 3DPrinting and finished with our airbrush services (or if want to do that yourself). Please let us know by sending an email to

There are two categories ..

What is a Build: A computer inside a scalemodel like the YAZI, sized and detailed to your requirements.

What is a Project: Everything else. From scalemodels to custom computer parts.

*average construction time for an existing model like the YAZI IS 6 WEEKS
*custom work like this is not cheap or quick. Its not production or working with “off the shelve” parts.

Please email me for more details or a quote to see what fits in your budget.



I managed to get a new 2600k and a new mobo just in time and spent yesterday night building it into the AT-AT.

So got a whole list of little things to do like plug some holes in the legs and front, restore a rim on the hood, lightproof the hood, finish the res, place some feet, adjust the 2 layer plexi frame, place 2m2 styrene, install fancontroller, Add 2 leds, clean the whole model, pack for 3 days of LAN and breathe …

Here is the Final Teaser !

Laters !