The YAZI – Venator Class Star Destroyer has won the MSI PROMOD Season 3 Competition

Never ever give up! Face what life throws at you, find something that you truly love doing and you will enjoy the fruits of your dedication.

A big thanks goes out to the judges, I know it must have been hard with all that eyecandy in this season and congratulations to the other winners also!
Special thanks goes out to the sponsors: MSI Global, MSI USA, Victoria Tseng, Kenny LinTt Ceo, Thermaltake Technology Inc, Avexir Memory Development Dialog, Nala Avexir, Remco Katz,,OCZ Storage Solutions, Intel Nederland, NVIDIA GeForce

THANK YOU Facebook and IRL friends for giving me the energy to continue when times were low. Post by post I was recharged and reading your comments and remarks sparked of another round of creativity and design.

And last but not least I would like to dedicate this build to my lovely daughterIze and wife Linda who struggling with their illnesses found the time to allow me to complete the YAZI after so many years. YOU ARE my life and my dreams!


Sander 946180_938994752858564_1840433103870499258_n 1013348_938023419622364_5440948842189346678_n 1936483_936850966406276_7355952815486640625_n 10259335_939063649518341_6708010993715573079_n 12096457_938493772908662_3975536776279048554_n 12418851_10155008239688084_7879886060310403414_o 12438965_938606722897367_2429708088185952769_n 12471397_1264879103531544_824904615147288879_o 12473503_10155008239683084_5784068966137788597_o 12484597_1542564216036130_3608750339437173543_o 12491774_10155008239693084_3299770023360063895_o 12508718_941052405986132_5285514594177443471_n 12509523_938360849588621_7790237476239692820_n 12509562_938847532873286_6104189371732012394_n 12642829_952251621532877_5726128408733147012_n 12647480_948673991890640_3985754104876768589_n ces-2016-newegg-star destroyer pc 3 ces-2016-newegg-star destroyer pc up close_0 ces-2016-star destroyer PC liquid cooling greebels

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